Crystal Readings

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What is a crystal reading?

A Crystal reading is when crystals are used to provide guidance or information. It is a form of divination where crystals are used as the tool to get messages. A person is drawn to specific crystals, their meanings will be then interpreted by their colour and physical/emotional properties as well as channeling each crystal guidance. In a crystal reading the person can choose a certain number of crystals. Their combination is interpreted as the overall message for the reading.


Where did you learn crystal readings?

I was drawn to crystals since my teenage years. I had many at home. I used crystals for myself at the beginning of my journey. I learned a lot about crystals reading books and doing the Pro Crystal Healer Certification class by Krista Mitchell. I learned how to do crystal readings from Krista as well ( doing a certification class with her. Krista has more than 10 years of experience being a professional crystal healer. This course included an examination.

How can I get a crystal reading with you?

Since I am only starting to do crystal readings, I am charging an apprentice price 20$ USD for 1 question. The reading is done via an email reply. You can email me for all additional information and I will explain to you how it works. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT OFFER HEALTH RELATED READINGS.

Disclaimer: The content presented in this website, or services offered Β (such as readings) is for entertainment purposes only and it is NOT with the intent to provide any medical advice and/or medical treatment. Readings are delivered as a form of spiritual advice and are not to be taken as a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice. Any reliance you place on provided information is therefore strictly at your own risk. ixthehermit Copyright Β©2019

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